Tuesday, May 4, 2010

lost & found

~Today my childhood best friend and I found each other. We ended up lost because we both have moved around quite a bit. Mutual friends of ours connected the dots and the next thing you know, emails were exchanged with questions to make sure we were indeed the right Darlene and the right Cindy.

Tomorrow we will hear each other's voice for the first time in years and remember our shared past. This is the friend that I played all day long with, giggled relentlessly with and got into trouble with. We went on each other's family vacations, made perfume with flower petals and shared boyfriend crushes...and so much more.

I have a small knot in the center of my stomach and my anticipation levels are off the chart. I am 49 years old and feel silly for feeling this way.

At heart, I think we're all still just little children. Little children who are trying to survive some very adult lives.


Wanda said...

How wonderful Darlene....

I love your last line..Little children who are trying to survive some very adult lives.

That says to much....

Have a wonderful, giggling, remembering all those delicious memories.

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Posted From Home said...

How fabulous Darlene! I love the last line of your post ♥