Monday, April 26, 2010

auntie dd~cedar~gran marmie

the way he smells
draws me
into his world
the way he feels
a deep need
the way he loves
is like
no other

On our last morning together Cedar, Gran Marmie and I laid down together on the blanketed floor. We snuggled close and relished in the moment... 3 touching heads, 3 generations, 3 hearts very much in love. It felt so peaceful and right, something planned long ago that suddenly gets to be shared in the now.

Cedar is adopted and that word feels clumsy in my mouth. He belongs to us, is such a perfect part of us, that life feels so complete with him in it. His old soul resonates with ours, his sense of humor came from those quirky parts of our family and we flow so freely all together.

I am yours
you captured me
in your tiny hand
and my heart melts
in your smile
Thank you
for choosing us
and gracing us
with your love.

many snuggles ahead,
auntie dd


Jack K. said...

What a beautiful sentiment.

It seems to me that there are three great choices suggested in your message. And that is just for those in the photo. There are several other folks who made wise choices.

Thanks for sharing.

May love and peace continue to abide in your presence.

boho girl said...
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boho girl said...

*big flowing tears*

thank you for expressing so beautifully cedar's belonging in our family.

i love you and how you see.

a proud member of the Cedar club

Teresa said...

I have fallen in love with Cedar as well, he's such a beautiful, wonderful little sprite of love. Of course I've always loved your family. Can hardly wait for the day I can see you all again.

Wanda said...

Darlene, with all your pictures, I'm falling in love with Cedar.

I know he is in the "perfect" family, since he was sent from above to bring you all JOY!

Deb said...

Beautiful post, family photo and poem ♥ said...