Wednesday, April 7, 2010


With my back turned toward him, he enters the room and says,

"Honey, I got you these really comfortable shoes!"

Hmmm...? What is wrong with this statement? First of all, my husband thinks I have waaay tooo many shoes already...second, he only just ran a quick errand at our local Orchard Supply Hardware Store...and third, he knows my shoe size? This was all way too exciting!

They are called Sloggers, sort of like Croc's, but Sloggers claim to be more comfortable with a special removable insole and comfortable they are! Made for gardening, I think I would wear these shoes most any day (unless I am with my daughter ;) My husband also got a navy blue pair for shoes! You just slide your foot in and off you go. Then he made the mistake of telling me that they also came in Red.

"No, I love the Green, but now I need them in Red too!"

You can be sure that that will be the last pair of shoe's I get from him ;)


Wanda said...

Ha Ha Ha...... Now Darlene has gone from fancy rhinestone sandals to Green and Red Sloggers....

I love your new lifestyle...."The Farmer's Wife"

What a fun post.....I love you Darlene!

angela.martin said...

hey! i want a pair too! tell daddy to buy me the red, i am a size 8 please. :)

Fromma said...

Hey Darlene Marie

How about a couple "bird" decals on the top front of the sloggers.

Love you farmer girl !!!

Brooke said...

That is the sweetest. :)