Saturday, April 10, 2010


We had some very long time friends come to visit the farm yesterday. They are the parents of one of my husbands childhood buddy's and people who have been in our lives for the last 38 years. We love them dearly, like a second pair of parents. They are probably some of the most conservative frugal people I know and we were extremely excited to give them the grand tour. (did I mention that they too have a farm?)

Room by room we shuffled them throughout the house...
we showed them the chartreuse green room (my studio)
the periwinkle blue room (the guest room)
we moved on to the very red kitchen
and of course, the highly visited
garden green laundry room
the rest of my house is a deep warm tan
not a white room in sight.

For me, it is always fun to see reactions to my choice of colors. People either love it, or hate it and always feel compelled to use words like

(the hate it group)

(the love it group)

anyway...yesterday, while my friends eyebrows were raised, I remembered this quote:

The purest and
most thoughtful
minds are those
which love colour
the most.
~John Ruskin~

I don't know about the pure and thoughtful part
but I do love color :)

What wow color do you have in your house?


Brooke said...

:) Glad you asked!

Kitchen: Tomato red
Dining room: yellow and white walls
Porches: turquoise
Bedrooms: varying greens and white
Studio: sage
Study: cobalt blue

A lot of my walls only have a band of color on the bottom third of the walls. The top 2/3 is white. I saw it in a french country house (book) once and have been doing it ever since. :)

J said...

Living room: Lime Green

Bathroom: Robins egg blue

Kitchen: yellow

Bedroom: Grass green

Daughter's bedroom: Cherry pink

I LOVE color!