Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bistro 234

photo taken from bistro 234 site

Yesterday my husband, our son Mark and I celebrated my birthday by going out to dinner at the Bistro 234. It was a slow Tuesday night so we received plenty of attention. We sat by the window at the table with the 2 blue chairs across from one another. Hubby sat in the green chair next to me and we both faced Mark.

He was our entertainment :)

One year ago I would have described Mark as being on the quiet side and very serious, now he is animated, funny and full of stories. As a child, I saw this side of him mostly when just he and I would get away together, but he has grown into someone very sure of himself and happy...he is SO very happy. It was difficult to chew my food because I was smiling the entire time he chatted away (while I was trying to eat a spinach salad...not so pretty!)

His present to me came wrapped in brown paper without a card, just felt tip marker writing on the front wrapping that said, "I love my mom...from your son Mark!" I looked over at him and said, "Well it's good to know that this isn't from any of my other son's!"

Will he always be my miracle boy? I still...still catch my breath every.time.I.see.him. That reaction only deepens my appreciation since almost loosing him. On the way home we happened to pass by the accident site since it is just down the street from where he lives. I asked, "Does it bother you to see this place?" His response was serious, "Yes, yes it still does and feels like just yesterday, even though so much has happened since. It has made me who I am today...and so have you, mom and dad."

Tears fell down my cheeks and my shaky voice said, "Thank you honey." His hand reached around from the back seat and landed on my right shoulder, a tender squeeze.

Totally Yummy Moment...
I had a great birthday :)


Wanda said...

Happy Birthday my dear.... I'm so sorry I had forgotten how close our birthdays are.

I love that Bistro 234. Don and I have share lunches there, also with my sister.

Mark is so amazing.... Jill's accident was a source of her becoming the woman she is today too.
God sees the future, I'm so glad.

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Darlene ♥ Hope your day was wonderful xo

Angela said...

wish i was there! can't wait to give you my present too. :) love you momma!

boho girl said...



Vanessa said...

just catching up now...
happy birthday darlene!
sounds like you had a lovely one...
just as you deserve <3