Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A storm came through yesterday, high winds & more rain right after flooding the orchard...not so good. The entire time my husband kept going out into the storm in his galoshes and rain coat.
"There's not a whole lot of good we can do at this point" I said.
"Or we can focus on the other hundreds that stayed put and tell them, "Good Job!"Right honey?"
At least we only lost one :(

So today after things dried up a little we went on a farmers trek of the property. I kept saying, "Good Job trees!" and "Thanks for hunkering down!"
He would look over at me and smile while shaking his head. "Silly girl...do you really think that helps?"

"Wholeheartedly!" I replied :)
and I just kept on thanking those trees for all of their hard work.


Wanda said...

You betcha Darlene...I know those trees were listening to you!!!

Jack K. said...

We all respond positively to loving messages.

Keep p your good works.