Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The best part of my day was getting a phone call from my son Mark. He sounded so hopeful and sometimes he can talk for hours, about anything and we both end up doing a lot of laughing.

When Mark was born and the nurse handed him to me I thought he looked like a baby chimpanzee. He was cute, had big round dark eyes and his thick black hair stood straight up from his head.

Mark was born with acute asthma and has suffered horribly from it throughout his life.

Tomorrow he is doing his 5th day of clinicals at a local hospital. He has seen a lot of pretty serious stuff and already experienced life and death situations. As a Respiratory Therapist he will get to work with children in the Pediatric ward. Mark's professor is excited for his interactions with both the children and their parents because he is a walking testimony that people with severe asthma can go on to live active productive lives. "This alone will bring hope into their situations" he said.

And isn't that what we all aspire to be to one another...?


That our biggest actions or our smallest gestures will bring hope to someone else? As his parent you can only imagine how good it was to hear him excited about doing things for people that not just anyone can do. I couldn't do it. He is 28 years old but when I look at him I still see my little monkey boy.

I don't like to complain but the last couple of days have been extra hard. I refuse to let lupus define who I am or cause me to loose hope about my life..."always move forward" I say to myself.

The best part of my day was getting a phone call from my son Mark...and he gave me hope.


Deb said...

How fabulous that Mark has a career that he is passionate about and one that his own personal journey can help others ♥ Such a great post about never giving up ~Hope~.

Wanda said...

Doesn't God know just when we need a little dose of "hope"...and to have it in the form of Mark made it extra special.

I'm so glad we have taken this journey with you to see how the Lord has directed Mark's life since the accident.....He will bless so many!

Jack K. said...

How could Mark do otherwise? After all look at you, his role model.

Keep on keepin' on. said...

Your Mark has given a lot of people hope. That clearly is one of his great purposes for being here!

Love the monkey!