Friday, July 9, 2010

beautiful girl ~ beautiful boy

My beautiful sister Denise and nephew Cedar just spent the last week with me. The inner squeals that happen as I see her at the top of the escalator are pure happiness and joy. I called Cedar's name as he reached the bottom of the stairs and got a huge smile from him. (Ahh...he remembers me :) I make sure to see them every couple of months, especially since his early years are so important. He has grown so tall and Den looked a little burdened with his lanky form, so I gladly relieved her.


It is so much fun sharing the farm with family. There is nothing like sitting in the middle of the orchard and picking the clover flowers. A whole new experience since Cedar is surrounded by cities and public parks. Den does a wonderful job making sure Cedar has many different experiences, but having him here is a little piece of us that I hope he enjoys returning to, over and over again. Aren't they beautiful?


I think the surroundings suit him well. It was a busy week...completely filled with as many snuggles as I could sneak. He had so much to teach me about his toddler self and I was an eager student. I am overwhelmed with how many pictures I took this many of them are quite adorable, so I am going to share them, along with our stories, over the next few days.So, for right now...


Wanda said...

How wonderful to have D and Cedar visit. How adorable they look in your farm setting.

I know as he gets older, he will be begging to go stay with Auntie Darlene.

Love you tons

Jack K. said...

What a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your joy.

Nothing like spending time with a child to bring out the best in a person.

Whenever I get just a little bit down-in-the-dumps, a child can call my inner child to come out in play. After that, all is right with world once again.

You are so fortunate to have such a respite.

I look forward to the coming photos.

boho girl said...

still marinating in our healing time together, sister.

YOU are beautiful...and your home is so very magical. i still feel it in my bones.

loving you and feeling so grateful for the gentleness and kindness between us.

Susannah said...

he really is the cutest little monkey ever! i can't believe how much he has grown since i first got to snuggle with him last December :)

love to you, D! xo