Sunday, July 11, 2010

park outing

On the day that Uncle jj put vitamins on the trees, we decided to go to our local park to have a picnic. The weather was extremely hot and the playground equipment was not very inviting. However, there was a Teeter Totter that called my name and I said to Den, "Why not?!" So, we placed our curvy bottoms, one on each side and I held Cedar on my lap. Up and Down the spring loaded ride made us giggle and laugh. When we'd had enough, I tried to get up first while holding Cedar in my arms. My foot got caught on the handle and down I went, baby and all. I twisted just in time so that Cedar landed on me while I was sprawled flat on the bark covered ground. Denise was equally worried about us both and I was hoping no one was watching. I never claimed to be graceful ; ) and thank goodness we don't have a picture of THAT!

"Not too sure how I like this snack."

"Ahhh...nothing like a cool breeze."

"Did you see the size of that bird?"

"Hee...the wind tickles my neck."

"Auntie dd, please put down the camera now."

"Mmm I love my mommy so much!"
"and I love you too little bean."

~Auntie dd blowing bubbles~~*~

Back home chillin out before nap time.

Mommas cuddles to end the afternoon.I feel so blessed and savored every moment. Each day our bonds grew deeper and deeper.


Wanda said...

Awwwww...These are so darling... Love the teeter totter story... You are the best Aunt dd...... Cedar has a great future with an Auntie like you!!!

Can't wait each day to see your new pictures...

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Brooke said...

These pictures are so great, Darlene ~ they show so much loving fun! :)

boho girl said... each and every one of these. especially your mention of our curvy bums. you couldn't just say bums. hee hee.

my fave is the wood nymph shot of our cedar with pointy ears (eating a snack).