Tuesday, July 13, 2010

last day

Suddenly, the big suitcase came out and things began to look suspicious. I was following him around and this is how he looked at me once he saw it. He became very serious and I said,
"Where are you going?"

Then he tried to push the suitcase with little success. Was he happy to be going home? We certainly could tell that he missed his daddy.

He turned on a dime and came right up to me looking very disgruntled.

Then he hugged my legs...I think he knew he was leaving and had mixed emotions about it. Auntie dd certainly knew how he felt.


We loaded everything back into Uncle jj's truck and before you knew it he was out like a light.

When he woke up, we were in the airport parking lot. Denise has always said that he wakes up happy...

I couldn't believe they were leaving, the time went by so fast. This little monkey boy was ready to get on the plane.


These beautiful mosaic birds adorn our airport. I want one!

He has very good people watching skills and these cute harness strappy leash things weren't around when I had kids. I could have really used one for Mark (my very own monkey boy!)

Cedar and I had a moment together while Den was checking in. I squished up my face and said, "I love you stinky face..."
...and the look I got back said it all!


Deb {Posted from} Home said...

What a wonderful visit you had with your sis and sweet little nephew! Thanks for sharing all your precious pictures ♥

Jack K. said...

Thanks for sharing the visit. I know how you feel at the time of departure. I begin to feel lonely even as I drive my children back to the airport. And, they are adults. I know I will feel even more sad once Eli comes to visit.

But, that is what love is all about.

We are truly blessed.

boho girl said...

i am in awe at how you captured so many sides of my sweet bean.

he misses you like crazy...and i do too.

love YOU.