Friday, July 2, 2010

mom's calla lily

Whenever I visit mom and dad's one of my favorite things to do is checking out the many pots in which my mom grows things. I know she fusses over them carefully and every year she comes up with something new. This year it was this Calla Lily. It was breath taking next to its pale lightly spotted green leaves. Just wanted to share it with you.

~Cedar Pic of the Day~ "Superhero's often disguise themselves as yoga reading lumberjacks."
Cedar K.


Wanda said...

I stand in awe of your mom's lily and your expertise with the camera. Just breathtaking.

So is your superhero....disguise and all!!!!

LegalEagle said...
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Jack K. said...

At last, I could get the pictures to load. Wanda is so on target. I am also in awe.

As one photographer to another, what are the technicals? Camera, settings, lighting, etc.?

As for our yoga superhero, what can anyone say, but Supercool.

Deb {Posted from} Home said...

Your Mum's Calla Lily is such a beautiful shade. Our first home had a little garden with (red) calla lilies all along the outside :-)When ever I see calla lillies I think of that little garden ♥
And Cedar is as always adorable!