Tuesday, July 27, 2010

what it's like to be one...

How blessed am I to have 2 babies in the family to love on?! This is Liam, my great nephew from my niece Ashley. He is the perfect bouncing baby bundle boy and a treasure to our family. He turned one this last week and we celebrated his adorableness with a swimming party. Of course, the colorful plastic cups are just as interesting as anything else around...when you're one :)

And talk about a cool flotation device, I want one of these. Every once in awhile he would stick his tongue out and lick the water...it was a really hot day, we all wanted to do it!

My sister Diana is "Grandma" to the birthday boy (I'm So Green ;) and it's hard to be anywhere near him without wanting to give him a love squeeze.

Shark Butt!!! How cute are these? "Oh, let me outside already!"

Very content sitting in daddy's lap after the presents were opened. "And what's this?..."

Something that belongs in your mouth...when it's your birthday and you are only one.


Wanda said...

What another adorable boy in your life.

I just took Nick and Jon to see Toy Story 3, so immediately saw that one of his gifts is "Woody"...

Hope you are feeling better, my dear.

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

boho girl said...

he is soooo yummy. want to chew on his cheeks!

Grandma Diana looks so proud!! so glad you guys gathered and celebrated such a ray of light.


Kara said...

so many cuties in your family! and i am loving those shark shorts! hope things are well with you & you are feeling better.. xo